5 Of The Most Bizarre High-Profile Cases You Need To Know About

People love a good mystery, especially when they’re based on true stories. Apparently, in this particular case, these are 5 separate mysteries that have put the world in a spin. And although some citizens consider themselves to be quite the investigative researcher, they have to rely on the trusty web to get most of their information. Which is pretty much like how the rest of the world does it too.

Take a look at 5 of some of the most mysterious stories of all time.

Mystery Number 1, The Isdal Woman

Source: https://ichef.bbci.co.uk/

On November 29, 1970, a partially burned body of a woman was found at the Isdalen Valley in Dodsdalen, Norway. A professor and his two daughters were out for a walk when they saw her body crumpled, naked and burned on the ground. The teacher immediately called the authorities so that they could take her body into custody to begin the search into her identity. But they could have never known that it was going to lead them on such a wild goose chase.

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