Effective Ways To Control Diabetes Without The Use Of Medicine

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The human body is a well-engineered machine capable of doing amazing things, and just like a machine, it needs fuel for it to work.

The cells inside our bodies depend on food for energy. Sugars and carbohydrates contained in the food we eat are broken down and converted into glucose, a form of sugar that is absorbed more easily. In order for our cells to be able to use that glucose in our blood, they need insulin, a hormone that allows them to absorb it. Unfortunately, the problem that causes diabetes or high blood sugar lies in its ability to make or use insulin.

When the body isn’t able to make insulin, or use the insulin it makes, glucose levels rise in our blood, damaging tiny blood vessels in vital organs such as our heart, kidneys, eyes, and nerves. If left untreated, diabetes can eventually lead to potentially deadly illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, not to mention blindness and non-reversible nerve damage.

Diabetics depend on medication for them to effectively bring down high sugar levels to normal and keep it there. But there are other ways to do it without medication, which, when combined with treatment, could be very effective in controlling diabetes.

Here are useful ways that one can control high blood sugar without medication.

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