27 Fierce Dogs With Killer Reputations

Considering the fact that dogs are revered as “Man’s Best Friend,” how is it that so many breeds have gotten such a bad reputation? Sadly for many of our canine friends, their ferocious demeanors are due to a lack of knowledge in the owner, rather than in the animals actual behaviors. In fact, many of these animals can be quite docile when treated with proper care and respect. Although no dog is “born” savage, unfortunately, many are bred and raised to be that way.

Take a look at 27 dogs known for having fierce reputations.

1. Pit Bull

Unfortunately for this beautiful breed, the Pit Bull has gotten a horrible reputation as being mean and vicious, when in fact, they can actually be big sweethearts. Sadly, Pit Bulls were bred specifically to be used in dog fighting rings. Although this particular blood sport has been banned in the US, it still happens in underground rings. Due to their early years of breeding for fighting, a lot of that still lives on in their bloodlines. Therefore, it is really important to keep these animals in loving, caring homes, giving them an opportunity to socialize with other animals and humans.

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