He Knocked On The Door Naked, Muddy, And Asking For Help, All Because He Had Just Taken 4 Lives

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When neighbors come knocking on your door, it’s usually to borrow a cup of sugar or a glass of milk. But in the case of the Alcocer family, 22-year-old Orion Krause showed up muddied, naked and asking for help. But the help was not for himself, it was for the family members that he had just murdered. Not knowing whether it was some sick joke or the actual truth, the Alcocer’s called the police requesting for help, and what they would soon find out would shake them to the very core.

Especially because everything the man had said was completely true.

Who Is Orion Krause?

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Orion Krause began his young life as a twin to brother, Cooper. While his father, Alexander, otherwise nicknamed ‘Lexi,’ was a lobster fisherman, his mom, Elizabeth, otherwise known lovingly as ‘Buffy,’ was said to have ‘come from money.’ But the family lived a simple yet content life all together in their home in Maine.

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