30 Things To See And Do In Kansas City, Missouri

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Kansas City is found on the western edge of Missouri, straddling the border with Kansas. Confusion may arise as there are two Kansas Cities, one in Missouri, and the other in Kansas, divided by an imaginary state line along half of their 10-mile border. It really is one big region with similar spirit, but unique in its own which makes this region special. History will show that Missouri was first to adapt the name Kansas City officially in 1889.

Kansas City, Missouri, is the state’s largest city. It is known for its barbecue, jazz heritage, fountains, and the World War I Museum. Recently, fame followed the baseball team Kansas City Royals for making it to the World Series 2 years in a row, but this has always been a baseball town.

If you plan to visit Kansas City, Missouri, here are a few tips on things to see and do:

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