An Exclusive Look Inside Of North Korea’s Notoriously Secret Military


With North Korea having tested their supposed 6th nuclear warhead in the past few days alone, the entire world is on edge. Not that Kim Jong-un hasn’t done this before, as did his predecessors before him, but the feel of unease due to talks on nuclear power, nuclear missiles and nuclear war, has grown furiously in the last couple of months alone. Whether Trump is to blame for his rampant tweets and threats of ‘Fire & Fury’ against North Korea, one thing is sure, Kim Jong-un doesn’t seem to be playing around. And what’s worse is that no one is really certain about what North Korea is actually capable of doing, or how strong it’s military actually is.

Let’s see how much the world actually knows about the North Korean military capabilities, and whether or not the panic it’s creating is warranted.

North Korea’s Background With Nuclear Weapons


It all began with Kim Il-sung, who was the supreme leader of North Korea from 1948 until he passed in 1994. It was under his regime that North Korea’s nuclear program came into play. Originally close to the Soviet Union, North Korea had requested for their help in developing nuclear warheads, but they were denied. And when Kim Il-sung turned to China with the hope that they might help, China denied him too. But this did not deter him from continuing with his nuclear energy plans.

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