Everyone Thought She Was Her Sister Stevie. But Then Cops Found The Real Stevie…Stuffed In A Freezer.

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One balmy evening in July of 1997, Stevie Allman, who was known to be an anti-drug activist, came running out of her house after it was set ablaze. With her dress on fire and in a state of what appeared to be surprise and panic, she told authorities that she was sure that it was the drug pushers in her neighborhood that were trying to kill her.

When investigators looked further into her case, not only did they find out that someone was, in fact, trying to kill her, but that the actual Stevie Allman was already dead… and her murderer was not the drug addicts she claimed them to be.

Stevie Viola Allman

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Stevie Viola Allman, born on April 12, 1945, was one of the daughters of Lucille Allman’s 10 children. She lived in Oakland, California in her mother’s home, along with one of her younger siblings, a sister named Sarah. Stevie was known to be very kind, yet quite shy, and was recognized by most in the neighborhood as a sweet and quiet neighbor.

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