Meet The Man Who Managed To Talk Hundreds Out Of Their Own Suicides


He didn’t plan on making saving lives his life mission. But from the first time that he saw someone sad and lonely, ready to jump over the bridge notorious for suicides, he knew he couldn’t sit back and watch. When Don Ritchie chose to live by The Gap, he couldn’t have known that his life was going to take on a much bigger purpose.

See how one man bravely attempted to save hundreds of lives, many of which were successful, by literally talking them off the edge and into his home.

Donald “Don” Ritchie


Donald Taylor Ritchie, otherwise known to most as Don, had seen a lot in his 86-years of life. Born on June 9, 1925, Don was an Australian who was proud of his country and people. In 1939, when he was just a lad of 14, he took his place in the Royal Australian Navy as a seaman having lived through World War II.

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