Police Officer Arrests Nurse Over Blood Draw, Hospital’s Response Blindsides Cops

Talking To The Today Show

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She shares, “It took me a while to really understand that I was in a traumatic experience and I needed that time to sort of give my emotions a chance to rest if you will, so that I could come out and be pragmatic and be effective in my communication.” And in many ways, people could understand where she was coming from.

Fire Detective Jeff Payne

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When the video was released to the public, about 100 Utah citizens gathered in front of the Salt Lake Police Department appealing for the firing of Detective Jeff Payne. The organizer of the protest, David Newlin, shared, “This was an egregious act of police violence against one of the most important people in our community – a nurse.” He goes on, “Someone who gives her life, gives her time to heal the most vulnerable among us.”

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