Russia’s ‘Most Glamorous Spy’ Proves Why Espionage Is Truly Everything Its Cracked Up To Be


In every espionage blockbuster or TV series, almost every female spy looks like a ‘Bond Girl.’ And apparently, Russia had one of their very own real James Bond girls who happened to be living and working in the USA, under the pretense of being someone else, of course. When her actual ties to the KGB were discovered, she was immediately arrested while living in New York. And not surprisingly, upon her arrival in Russia, she was welcomed home with open arms.

See how the gorgeous redhead managed to not only fool her own husband about her true identity, but a nation of millions. And yet, even if her identity has been compromised, she’s still living her life to the fullest rather than behind bars.

Anna Chapman


Originally born with the name Anna Vasil’yevna Kushchyenko, the now infamous Anna Chapman came to be on February 23, 1982. Born to a KGB official who was considered to be much higher up than most in the ranks, her mom, on the other hand, was a math teacher. And while she was young, her father had been stationed in Nairobi, Kenya because of the Soviet Embassy there.

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