Hitchhikers Vanished Along Rural Highway. 18 Months Later Police Finally Reveal the Truth 

Sometimes people traversing state and national highways choose to hitchhike every now and then. Very often, hitchhikers are picked up by trailer truck drivers that are more likely to be headed in their direction. Unfortunately, reports have shown that since 1979, some 700 hitchhikers have gone missing.
In 1990, Arizona state trooper Mike Miller spotted a trailer truck parked on the side of the highway. He approached it to find out if the driver needed some assistance. But as he was nearing the cab of the truck, he noticed some commotion. He quickly ran up to look into the cab. What he saw startled him.
A terrified woman was staring back at him. She was in a desperate situation. Who was the woman? Where was she from and what happened to her leading up to her discovery?
Officer Miller arrived just in time, and little did he know that his discovery of the woman would set off a chain of events.

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