Hitchhikers Vanished Along Rural Highway. 18 Months Later Police Finally Reveal the Truth 

“Whips and Chains”

Detective Rick Barnhart interviewed the woman where it was revealed that she often hitched rides when she went out to visit her friends. She said she was picked up by Rhoades at a truck stop just north of Phoenix. She said the driver had been very polite with her. Then in one of their stops, Rhoades shoved her into the sleeping section of the cab and shackled her. He took out some torture paraphernalia from a bag which he used to torture her regularly since the day he picked her up. The woman’s body was covered with welts from the brutal whipping she’d taken from Rhoades. She said that Rhoads boasted how he had been doing this for 15 years, earning him the nickname “Whips and Chains.”

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