Obsessed Student Stalks Teacher For Years – Then Locks Her In Closet For 53 Days

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The term ‘High School Crush’ seems highly harmless, to most at least. But for one particular teacher, it would mean the end of her every day normal life as she knew it. One particular student had what he would call a high school crush on her, but this crush was actually a full-fledged obsession. He ended up kidnapping her and her daughter, and keeping them in captivity for 53 days.

Find out how one total creep turned his childhood infatuation into a completely atrocious crime.

Ming Sen Shiue

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Ming Sen Shiue was originally born in Taiwan on October 15, 1950. When he was a young boy, his mom and two siblings had moved to Minnesota to be with their father, who happened to work in the University of Minnesota as a Professor. He also happened to be the eldest of the three siblings, and not very nice either.

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