Obsessed Student Stalks Teacher For Years – Then Locks Her In Closet For 53 Days

Police Arrest Ming Sen Shiue

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After police had safely taken Mary and Beth away from Shiue’s house, they made their way to his place of work and arrested him then and there. He was brought to the Ramsey County Adult Detention Center to wait for his trial. While he was there, he had even offered his inmate $50,000 to kill Mary and Beth so that they couldn’t testify during his trial, but the guy told the FBI about it, further damning Shiue.

One Final Blow

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When Mary told the detectives all the details that had gone on while being held hostage by Shiue, she would eventually find out that aside from the fact that he was truly her student, the rest of his sob story was all a complete fabrication. Everything he had done was because he had just truly been obsessed with her for over 15 years. During his trial, Shiue had even been able to smuggle in a knife with him, jumping across a table and slicing Mary’s face, which she had to get 62 stitches for.

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