Obsessed Student Stalks Teacher For Years – Then Locks Her In Closet For 53 Days

Killing Jason

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Since Shiue had no use for Jason, he decided to take a detour before bringing his two female hostages home. He drove the car to the Carlos Avery Wildlife Refuge in Anoka County, and proceeded to take Jason out of the car trunk once more. He then took a metal rod and ended up beating the child to death, thinking that he needed to get rid of anyone who had seen that he had two females in the trunk of a car.

Finally Getting Home

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Once Shiue finally had Mary and Beth in his house, he would force them inside a closet, and they had no idea what he had planned to do with them. Scared, helpless and fearing for their lives, mother and daughter only had each other to lean on, and they had to wonder about what their future would be.

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