Obsessed Student Stalks Teacher For Years – Then Locks Her In Closet For 53 Days

Finding Her

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Finally, in 1980, Shiue would find out that Mary was now living at the Bethel University in Minnesota, which was a Christian College. And it would be on May 16 of that same year that he would stalk her and her 8-year old daughter Beth, finding them at a salon in Roseville. He waited for them to make their way back out to the parking lot before making his move.

Bringing His Fantasy To Life

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While Mary and her daughter were headed out of the salon to their car parked in the parking lot, Shiue approached them with a gun. Threatening them, he tied both of their hands behind their backs and forced them into the trunk of the car. He then drove the car out of the parking lot, headed to his house.

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