Obsessed Student Stalks Teacher For Years – Then Locks Her In Closet For 53 Days

His Sentencing

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Ming Sen Shiue was given 30 years to life in prison, along with 40 years for the death of Jason Milkman. He had brought the authorities to the place where he had dumped Jason’s body, admitting to the crime. But they refused to give him a lesser charge despite his ‘cooperation’ in telling them where Jason was.

Up For Parole

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When Shiue was eligible for parole in 2010, he claimed that he was rehabilitated, actually apologizing for his crimes. He had shared, “The remorse and sorrow remains heavy on me. I regret acting in that matter. I chose to do wrong. I had no concern for anybody.” And yet, most of the professionals who tested him to see any truth in his statements said that they didn’t believe anything he said was true. Thankfully, Judge Jenny Walker Jasper agreed, and did not grant him parole, saying that he would most probably spend the rest of his life in jail.

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