The Mystifying Water Hole In Lake Berryessa That Had The Internet Wide-Eyed Has Now Been Finally Explained


The world is an amazing place and its numerous wonders both natural and man-made have spell-bounded mankind with their sheer beauty and magnificence. We may think that we’ve seen all of them by now but truth is, there are marvels that remain undiscovered right in our own backyards as in the case of the baffling water hole in a California lake that seemed to have magically appeared overnight.

One day, a Youtuber by the name of Evan discovered a strange pit in the middle of a lake near his place of work. The hole in the water had mysteriously appeared, punching a large void in the peaceful surface of Lake Berryessa, a place he is no stranger to as he had visited it quite a number of times in the past.

How can a hole so large suddenly appear overnight? The question burned inside Evan’s mind and his curiosity was aching to be fed, leading him to a stunning discovery.

Just a Hobby


Youtuber Evan K, a play on his real name, Evan Kilkus, was a former employee at a local recreational shop who has a strong passion for drones. The new piece of technology coupled with his insatiable thirst for adventure, allowed him to witness something unexplainable while flying over Lake Berryessa.

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