Two Strangers Became Friends During Las Vegas Festival. Then The Shooting Began.

Michelle Vo and Kody Robertson had met on October 1, 2017, on the very last day of the 3-day Route 91 Harvest Festival held in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was here that they happened to realize that they were the same age, 32, enjoyed the same music, and would become fast friends without any pretenses. They danced to the music, talked about where they were from, what their common interests were like golf, basically becoming fast friends in the moment.

But that was all going to change in a split second.

Kody Robertson

Source: Instagram

Kody Robertson was a 32-year-old auto parts salesman who was visiting Las Vegas from Columbus, Ohio. He had flown to Nevada precisely to watch the 3-day concert since he was a big country music fan. And in the sea of 22,000, he had somehow met Michelle in the midst of it all.

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