31 Of The World’s Real-Life Haunted Houses That Are Too Terrifying To Even Visit Or Pass By

20. The Quinta da Juncosa, Penafiel, Rios de Monihos

Credit: YouTube

The Quinta da Juncosa was an old farmhouse, which was once owned by the Baron of Lages, and hid a gruesome secret. According to some accounts, the Baron killed his own wife by having her dragged by the farm horse to her death after hearing rumors of her affairs. She was innocent, and because of guilt, the Baron murdered his children and took his own life. Since then, ghostly apparitions, believed to be that of the Baron and his wife, are reported even to this day.

21. The Joshua Ward House, Salem, Massachusetts

Credit: RoadTrippers.com

The Joshua Ward house was erected in 1784 and became known for the gruesome Salem witch trials. Many women who were accused of witchcraft were rounded up and were tortured, hanged, and burned to death in the property. Ghosts, believed to be that of those women, haunted the place since then.

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