31 Of The World’s Real-Life Haunted Houses That Are Too Terrifying To Even Visit Or Pass By

14. The Riddle House, Palm Beach County, Florida

Credit: Flickriver

The Riddle House was originally a funeral parlor until it was converted into a private residence in 1920 by Karl Riddle. It was later relocated to Yesteryear Village in South Florida. While being dismantled for the relocation, workers reported witnessing paranormal activities and terrifying apparitions.

15. The Chaonei No. 81, Beijing, China

Credit: China Daily

Apart from being the location of a popular horror movie “The House That Never Dies,” the house, also known as the Chaonei Church, is also notorious for actually being haunted. Among the mysterious events that took place here were a ghostly lady, paranormal events, and mysterious disappearances.

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