Doctors Said He’d Never Play Football Again, Then He Went On To Win 4 Super Bowls


There’s nothing quite like someone’s fighting spirit that proves to the world that anything is possible. Robert “Rocky” Bleier was told multiple times that he would never become the kind of professional football player that he had hoped to be. But after coming home from the Vietnam War, his will to live out his lifelong dreams went way beyond what others may have done in the same situation. He proved that heroism doesn’t always mean saving thousands of lives.

In Rocky’s case, it was his fighting spirit that showed pure courage to reach the goals he made in his life.

Robert Patrick Bleier


Born in Appleton, Wisconsin on March 5, 1946, Robert Patrick Bleier was the firstborn child of Bob and Ellen. His parents, whose business entailed running a tavern they owned called Bleier’s Bar, would go on to have another three kids.

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