Remembering Two Famous Kidnap Victims And How Their Story Touched the Hearts Of Many

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Timothy White. That name may not be familiar to many, but those who lived in the 1980s know his story well enough. That’s because he was able to escape, with another victim named Steven Stayner, the clutches of a pedophile and a kidnapper. In fact, their story had been featured in a made for television movie entitled “I Know My First Name Is Steven.”

These two boys showed courage in the face of pure evil, and with White’s passing, the family can only hope that his memory will continue to live in the lives that he’s touched.

Looking Back

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It all started the day when Stayner was abducted. No one knew what happened to him for a time. That’s because there were no witnesses around. It all happened quietly, but the experience changed the boy’s life forever. In fact, he had never fully recovered from years spent in captivity, but his story, nonetheless, proved to everyone that miracles do happen.

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