Remembering Two Famous Kidnap Victims And How Their Story Touched the Hearts Of Many

Getting Assistance

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Poorman was a 7th grader then and a former friend of Stayner. He had been friends with Parnell for about a year when he was commissioned to help. Of course, there had been a bribe. The sex offender promised him cash, liquor, and marijuana in return. And the reason he gave the teenager was that he needed the boy to build his own family.

Pushing Through with the Plans

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So, Poorman feigned car trouble while Parnell sat inside the car. This was when the little boy walked past him. White had been carrying Valentine cards and a lunch pail when he was on his way home. The teenager stopped him in his tracks and asked for help, but this time, the kindergartener was wise enough to run. However, he may have been smart, but he wasn’t fast enough.

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