Remembering Two Famous Kidnap Victims And How Their Story Touched the Hearts Of Many

New Identity

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As part of his new life, Stayner now had a new name. Parnell called him Dennis Gregory Parnell. He moved from one state to the next and jumped from one school system to another. Wherever he went, he used his new identity. But deep down, Stayner knew that he was Steven. The life that he lived once may have no longer been familiar, nonetheless, he never felt like he was home as well.


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Parnell passed himself off as Stayner’s father as they moved all over California. In the years that followed, he may have gotten several chances to escape, but by this time, he had already been brainwashed. While the desire to go home was there, he simply didn’t know where to start or how to go about it. More importantly, the somehow believed Parnell when he said that his former family could no longer afford to have another child.

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