Remembering Two Famous Kidnap Victims And How Their Story Touched the Hearts Of Many

No More

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Ultimately, White was now part of a new family where Parnell was his father and Stayner his brother. This was when Stayner took pity on the new victim. He had gone through hell with his captor and he couldn’t allow an innocent little boy to go through the same thing. Enough was enough and it was high time that he did something about it.

Forming a Bond

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In the 16 days when White was held captive, he had become quite close to Stayner. The boy took care of him and made plans of escaping the clutches of an evil man who now had two victims in his home. So, while he went to work and did his daily routine, Stayner was actually formulating a foolproof plan where he could finally bring the little boy home to his real family. It took time, but he wasn’t going to allow Parnell to sexually abuse “Tommy.”

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