Remembering Two Famous Kidnap Victims And How Their Story Touched the Hearts Of Many

Plans to Go Home

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In the 16 days he was in captivity, White just kept crying. He wanted to go home. “I couldn’t see Timmy suffer,” Stayner had said. “It was my do-or-die chance – and I would also be coming home for doing something positive.” And so, they bolted out with the help of the older boy.

Difficult Journey

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It wasn’t easy escaping their captor. They didn’t have anything on them, but Stayner managed to do it. They hitchhiked for 40 miles and went to the Ukiah police station to get the help of the proper authorities. He had managed to do the impossible and brought a little boy back to the family he truly deserved. However, the experience scarred them both for life. In fact, things had changed and while both were reunited with their families, Stayner had suffered more post-kidnapping.

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