Remembering Two Famous Kidnap Victims And How Their Story Touched the Hearts Of Many


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Parnell was tried for kidnapping Stayner and White, but not for sexual abuse. He was convicted and only served five out of the seven years of prison sentence. Poorman was also convicted and sent to a juvenile camp, but what angered both families was that Parnell didn’t get the sentencing he deserved. The man needed to stay behind bars for good and die there. Unfortunately, the law wasn’t on their side then.

Moving On

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Nonetheless, both boys tried to move on. Stayner had to readjust to a structured environment where he wasn’t allowed to drink or smoke. He was a happy kid, but when he returned home, the family could see the turmoil inside. He struggled with school as well and was constantly being teased by the other kids because of what he had gone through. Nonetheless, he tried his very best to move on.

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