40+ Pictures Taken Before Tragedy Hit


Photographs are attempts to freeze time; to hold on to memories that we never want to forget. But not all memories are happy, there are tragic ones, too.

These images are taken just before tragedy struck.

Shark Attacks Surfer During Competition


In 2015, Australian pro-surfer Mick Fanning made headlines when a large shark appeared out of nowhere and attacked him while waiting his turn during the World Surf League championships at Jefferys Bay, South Africa.

The terrifying of the attack was caught on live television as spectators held their breath while the surfer fought for his life. In the video, Fanning is seen atop his surf board when a huge dorsal fin appears behind him, taking him by surprise. The surfer pushes away from his board and was temporarily hidden from camera view by a tall wave, with people fearing the worst for the hapless man. He once again appeared onscreen, this time swimming quickly away from the scene. Rescuers in jet skis were quick to respond and were able to pull Fanning out of the water, miraculously unscathed.

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